About PM Take Homes

PM Take-Homes is a library of interesting assignments that employers can use to assess their product manager candidates.

Each assignment is part of a particular industry and has a particular focus, from outlining new features to launching a product.

Work samples have been shown by 85 years of employment research to be a strong predictor of success on the job and now you have a lot of great assignments to choose from.

The Backstory

When Headlight cofounder Jason was hired as a product manager at Etsy, he read their IPO filings from cover to cover and built a website from scratch with his analysis of the business and four feature ideas. Two of them were actively being worked on internally and he ultimately got the job.

He has since helped other tech companies develop assignments to help them hire PM's. By building PM Take Homes, now everyone can get a great well-crafted assignment to help them hire the right person.

About Headlight

Headlight is tech hiring platform. Our workflow tools and assessment library allow employers to easily create, send, and grade take-home assignments.

Project icon credit: Testing by Vectors Market from the Noun Project.